Making work for this exhibition I wanted to let loose without a specific theme or goal and just make some art that reflected what has been on my mind aesthetically for the past few months. I seem to like specific visual motifs and keep going back to wanting to incorporate them or start off new work through relying on those constants. I wanted to make something that looks very busy and hectic, filled with symbols that have meant something to me this past year. A recurring theme throughout most of this work might be cartoony body structures involving masks and vague symbols and imagery drawn from a feeling of your brain being peeled back or seeing something new for the first time. My process usually starts by doing random lines that seem to go well together and usually result in the representation of a head. After that I add details that seem appropriate until everything looks like it’s complete, hopefully in a newer way than anything I’ve drawn before. I enjoyed making all these drawings and I hope they’ll be enjoyable to the eyes!

Konstantinos moved from Greece to Scotland in 2017, originally to study, but quickly dropped out after realizing what they enjoyed most was drawing comics and illustrations. Since then, they’ve been trying to make work that is interested in cartoony visuals, absurd narratives and body representations, explosive colours and poppy character design. Medium is always digital with a preference for either plainly contrasted black and white or an array of many different popping colours. Their work is inspired by indie comics, animation, colourful horror aesthetics and loud music. Konstantinos is currently based in Glasgow and mostly focusing on illustration after making their latest comic zine PINK earlier this year.