Whilst drawing for this exhibition I was interested in looking at small pieces of our world and tying to see the magic in them and the secrets that could be hidden within. Looking at scenes in nature is eternally inspiring and I like to imagine there is an invisible secret world hidden there somewhere if you just knew where to look.”

Sophie is an illustrator working out of Glasgow. She graduated from Edinburgh college of art with a Bachelors in illustration in 2017. She loves nature and the great outdoors as well as spooky stories and folklore which influences a lot of her work. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember with whatever she could get her hands on but now mostly works digitally for the convenience but likes to try and capture organic looking textures and lines when possible. Sophie creates zines and prints that you can find online as well as her first illustrated book The Secret Lives of Unicorns which you can find in all good book stores.