“I previously made a riso zine of life drawings recreated in Microsoft Paint as a homage to the first digital art programme many of us ever used. This time I decided to create more intricate work for the exhibition using the same process. The images are a collection of life drawings featuring digital elements and imagery based off medieval manuscript art.

I liked the idea of using such a simple limited programme like Paint to recreate a type of art that would have been painstakingly created by hand by artisans hundreds of years ago as one-off illustrations, and using a risograph printer to produce multiple copies using a fluorescent coloured ink. I wanted to see how far I could push the idea of something looking “like it was made in Paint” but also still being a successful illustration sort of “in spite of” that.

I really enjoy taking traditional ways of working and combining them with something unexpected, and it was fun to see how putting traditional medieval imagery through a modern programme with such a distinctive aesthetic could create something that looked original and new.

Amy is an Irish illustrator who came to Scotland to study Illustration, and ended up staying since. She enjoys life drawing, and she hopes to make more risograph work in the future.

You can find more of Amy’s work on instagram @amydillustration