For a few years I have been working on a comic series called Kali – a teen drama/comedy focusing on the daily lives of a group of strange animal friends. I really enjoy the process of character development and design, as well as trying out different art styles and media, I wanted to showcase this through my characters in the form of posters/prints.

Aoife has been drawing and making comics for as long as she can remember, and hasn’t stopped since. Her love of animals and nature is central to her work, being among her main sources of inspiration. Other influences include manga, graphic novels, and all kinds of books- as well as the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life. Comic books have always been an important method of expression for Aoife as it combines both imagery and text to convey a story or concept, this method allows for the full potential of a piece of work to be realised. She spends most of her free time filling sketchbooks with silly doodles, playing old Pokémon games and walking the hills of Central Scotland.